Overnight Hike from Monks Cowl

Posted on Thu October 18, 2018.

Monks Cowl is situated 7 Km’s from INKOSANA Berg Lodge. The Lodge is the ideal place to plan and start your adventures. Services at INKOSANA includes laundry, lunch packs, hire of hiking gear, drop-off and collect from Monks Cowl at a nominal charge.

INKOSANA Berg Lodge has a in-house trained and licensed mountain guide. Our licensed guide is trained to  specialized in the Central Drakensberg area.  Guides are informative about the surroundings, familiar with fauna, flora, geology, local animals and most important guides are able to predict weather changes and protect you.  Weather changes in the mountain can be instantaneous and can lead to flash flooding and risky conditions.

Our Guide will accompany you from the lodge and bring you back to the lodge.  He is trained in managing groups, setting up a camp site, minimize and manage safety and emergency incidents, preparation of meals, efficient in first aid but most importantly he is skilled to make your experience a memorable one.  

The most popular overnight hikes are Zulu Cave and Staple Cave.  These trails are completed in two days.  The popular Champagne Castle Peak is hiked over three days.

Please contact INKOSANA Berg Lodge for further information, hikes must be booked and arranged in advance and is subject to the availability of the caves and the guide.  The guide can change the trail route should he feel there is an element of risk.