INKOSANA Signature Dish - South African OXTAIL

Posted on Mon November 12, 2018.

Traditional South African OX-TAIL is prepared by our master-chef at INKOSANA Berg Lodge. This South African favorite is one of the Signature Dishes at INKOSANA. Marinated in red wine, fresh herbs and spices, slow cooked for 5-6 hours in a traditional cast iron pot in a wood fired oven.

This dish is not often found on most menu’s as it takes skill to prepare the Oxtail until the “meat falls of the bone”.  The controlled low heat cooking process usually takes between 5-6 hours for the perfect texture andtaste. OX-TAIL is one of the five signature dishes at INKOSANA Berg Lodge, including grilled barracuda, aromatic butter chicken curry, succulent fillet steak and tradional South African potjie prepared in a 3 legged cast iron pot.

The oxtail is served in a coupe plate, presented on a bed of mash with green salad and best enjoyed with a glass of Merlot.  The lodge offers a daily special 3 course  menu. All meals are prepared from the freshest ingredients and reservations for dinner must be confirmed by 4pm 

Guests that have special dietary requirements receive our unwavering hospitality as we try our best to prepare a  special meal.  

Serving our best each time every time.