Hiking Safely in Drakensberg

Posted on Sun October 28, 2018.

There has been a drastic increase in overnight hiking in the Drakensberg region. The number of international guests that depart from Inkosana Berg Lodge out numbers the amount of local Guests. Most of the guests that enquire about the guided over night hiking are from USA, UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Guests prefer the rustic out door living and keeping close to nature as possible. The experience of swimming in the mountain pools and chilling beneath a waterfall is a moment to be remembered. The Drakensberg offers this adventurous and carefree life style. There Is a number of beautiful waterfalls, forests, peaks, passes and caves in the central region of the Berg. Guided trails from Inkosana Berg Lodge is focused around Central Drakensberg. The Monks Cowl, Champagne Castle area is protected from the Lesotho border. The terrain is treacherous hence you will not find Basotho herdsman or bystanders in this region. It is safe to camp in the open or setup camp in Stable Cave, Zulu Cave, Vaalribbokkop Cave, Nkosazana Cave or one of the many other habitable caves in the area.
Our guide at INKOSANA Berg Lodge will escort you from the Lodge and bring you back safely. The guide is employed by the Lodge so all our guests have peace of mind from enquiry, booking, paying and leaving with the guide knowing that they are in good responsible hands. Guests departing from INKOSANA has to complete the trail or hiking register, should their be a problem with the Guests not returning, the lodge will have an idea of their whereabouts.

The mountain can be unforgiving, it is very easy the get lost in the mountain especially if you follow the wrong trail.  Mountain animals often create their own pathway, this could easily be confused for a human trail.